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Caring For Kids

Parents are usually concerned when their children catch a cold or have a fever. Another area that should be given equal importance is parenting. You can reach out to the office of Dr. Alfonso J. Henriquez not only in matters regarding the physical health of your children but also to seek parenting advice. You can also discuss concerns regarding your child’s decreased appetite, learning, or behavioral problems with us and learn practical and effective solutions.

We understand that while attending to children’s physical illnesses is very important, it is also crucial that the parents are ready to do what is best for their children in terms of emotional and behavioral health and development. This obviously requires active participation from parents. For this reason, we are offering parental education seminars. These seminars will focus on providing assistance in learning practical and effective solutions to everyday parenting situations.

Our services are flexible and are especially suitable for working parents. We offer after-hours services every Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Our on-call medical assistance is always available after hours and on weekends. Our team of pediatricians and medical assistants in West Palm Beach, Florida, can be reached at 561-275-7100.

The next time you have questions, doubts, or concerns, call Dr. Alfonso J Henriquez. We are here to partner with you in raising happy, healthy children. Trust us when we say that not only do we bring thousands of hours of knowledge and experience to the table, but we also care deeply about each and every one of your children.

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