What Is RSV
What Is RSV?
September 7, 2018
Should My Child Receive the HPV Vaccine?
Should My Child Receive the HPV Vaccine?
November 14, 2018

Halloween is that time of year our kids can dress up as whatever they want to be and beg for candy. Thankfully, there is technology and common sense that help with Halloween safety.

Basic Safety Tips

We can stay in touch with our kids through texting, calling and even the great “Find My Friends” app. Additionally, the American Academy of Pediatrics has some great tips for keeping children safe on Halloween, found below:

  • Carry flashlights with fresh batteries
  • Take fully charged cell phones
  • Stay in a group
  • Check candy for holes or tears in packaging
  • Throw out candy that poses a choking hazard

A Doctor For All Year Long

We know Halloween is a time for kids to spread their wings and get a taste for independence. For any concerns regarding allergic reactions or injuries, contact Dr. Alfonso J Henriquez at 561.275-7100.

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