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Are you a new parent wondering when to introduce solid foods? Follow these guidelines for feeding babies solid foods.

How to Introduce Your Baby to Solid Foods

During the first few months of being a new parent, you might be constantly worried if you are doing the right thing. One challenge that parents have concerns about is the introduction of solid foods. When is it okay for babies to have solid foods? And what kind of solid foods should it be?

The following infant food guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) will help you to find some relief.

When Can Your Baby Can Begin Solid Foods?

You should start introducing solid foods into your baby’s diet no earlier than 6 months. Remember that each child develops differently so you should keep an eye out for signs of readiness. Here are some signs that indicate babies are ready for solid foods:

  • Your baby is able to hold his head up.
  • Your baby is eager for food.
  • Your baby has doubled his birth weight.
  • Your baby can move food to his throat from a spoon.

Remember to gradually introduce solid foods, starting with about half a spoonful of baby cereal or baby food. After you have introduced your baby to a solid food, wait about 3 days to start another.

A good pediatric tip to keep in mind is to not force your baby to eat something if he turns away or cries. Go back to exclusively breast-feeding or bottle-feeding for a short time and try again. Be patient and remember it is a gradual process. Our team is always here for you and we encourage you to call our office at (561) 275-7100 with any questions or concerns.

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