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5 Go-To Tips to Keep Your Child Active!

Keeping children active is crucial for their physical, mental, and developmental health. Although it may seem challenging to keep your child busy, it is possible, especially in the Florida heat when temperatures climb up into the high 90s and beyond. The following is a list of 5 go-to tips to keep your child active and on the go:

  1. Making it a Lifestyle: Making an effort to make physical activity part of a child’s lifestyle is where every parent should start. Making it your child’s lifestyle also means you should adopt this same lifestyle. The good news is that adopting a physically active lifestyle does not have to involve working out multiple days a week. According to the American Heart Association, we should be incorporating at least 30 minutes of activity at least five times a week. This could be done by parking further in the parking lot than you typically do, taking the stairs rather than the elevator, washing your vehicle, or even taking your dog for an extra walk every day. The list can go on and on, and the more you implement these physical aspects into your life, the higher the chances that your child will adopt the same healthy routines and habits.
  2. Sports and Exercise Should not be a Punishment: Although physical exercise is not the end all be all to living a healthy lifestyle, it’s not a bad idea to implement it into you and your child’s life. Any parent wishing to make exercise a part of their child’s life should never treat it as a punishment. The only thing you can guarantee is that your child’s experience will become ruined. The best way to approach this is by giving your child the freedom to choose sports they are interested in, going to skate parks, signing up to a trampoline park, etc. If leading an active lifestyle into adulthood is essential for you and your child, staying active should be done effortlessly and without punishment.
  3. Spruce up Chores: Sprucing up and making chores fun and entertaining are ways to keep children active! There are many ways parents can implement physical activity in everyday tasks, such as watering plants in the garden, playing fetch with a pet, or even doing the dishes with their favorite music playing, to name a few.
  4. Limiting Screen Time: A significant obstacle parents face when getting their children active is finding a way to limit screen time. Setting time limits and rules for watching TV, playing video games, and being on tablets is an excellent way to start modifying your child’s screen time. Encouraging your child to find ways to entertain themselves without using a screen is undoubtedly one way to ensure they remain active.
  5. Finding Hobbies: Although sports are great for children, not all children are interested in playing any sports, and that is okay! Finding a hobby is also a great way to keep your child physically active. Whether it’s swimming at the beach, kayaking, or getting involved in the community, there are many hobbies that parents and children can become involved in to stay active. While many hobbies may not seem like they are doing much to keep your child physically active, they may be doing just that! If you believe your child is not active enough, talk to their pediatrician and let them know what a typical day in their life is like and what hobbies they are involved in. You may be surprised at how physically active some hobbies can be!

As you can see, keeping a child physically active does not have to be hard! If you have concerns regarding your child’s health or want more information, call our office at 561-275-7100 today!

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