Can My Child Receive the Flu Vaccine as a Nasal Spray?
Can My Child Receive the Flu Vaccine as a Nasal Spray?
July 8, 2018
What Is RSV
What Is RSV?
September 7, 2018
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What Motor Skills Should My Child Demonstrate in the First Year?

Motor skills pertain to movement and are divided into two separate categories. Gross motor skills are broad movements like walking, running, and jumping that involve large muscles. Fine motor skills involve precise manipulation of objects using the small muscles of the hand. During the first year, an active baby should demonstrate both gross and fine skills.

Estimated Timeline of Gross Motor Skills

Here is a list of gross skills and the approximate time they should occur:

  • Kicking: 2 to 3 months
  • Rolling over: 6 months
  • Sitting without support: 8 months
  • Crawling: 7 to 10 months

Estimated Timeline of Fine Motor Skills

During this time, your baby should starting learning how to use his or her hands and demonstrate the following skills:

  • Holding a small object in hand: 3 months
  • Reaching for a toy: 5 months
  • Transferring objects between hands: 7 months
  • Picking up Cheerios or other small foods: 8 months

Contact our office if you have concerns about your baby’s development.

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