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July 1, 2023
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Fourth of July Safety for Children: Celebrate Responsibly!
July 1, 2023
Navigating Storms: How Parents Should Prepare for Hurricanes
September 1, 2023
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Preparing Kids for Back to School: Essential Health Checkups and Immunizations

August is back-to-school month.

It’s time to gear up for the much-anticipated back-to-school rush. As the summer sun sets and the school bells begin to ring, we want to extend a warm welcome back to school! We hope your summer was filled with laughter, adventure, and cherished memories. As your trusted pediatric office, SuraMed Health Center is excited to be part of your child’s journey as they enter a new academic year. Ensuring your child is physically and mentally prepared is essential for a successful academic year. From immunizations to sports physicals, here’s a comprehensive guide to what kids need for a smooth back-to-school transition.

1.Up-to-Date Immunizations

Immunizations are critical in safeguarding children’s health and protecting them from preventable diseases. Before returning to school, you must review your child’s immunization records and make sure their immunization records are updated, and they have all required vaccinations. Common vaccines include those for measles, mumps, rubella, polio, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, and varicella (chickenpox). Additionally, the flu vaccine is recommended annually to protect against seasonal influenza.

2. Comprehensive Health Checkup

Scheduling a comprehensive health checkup with your child’s pediatrician is crucial before the start of the school year. This checkup allows the doctor to assess their overall health, growth, and development. During the visit, the pediatrician will discuss any concerns or health issues, provide necessary nutrition and physical activity guidance, and address any emotional or behavioral problems.

3. Sports Physicals

Sports physicals are a must for kids planning to participate in school sports. Sports physicals are essential to ensuring young athletes’ safety and well-being. These specialized medical evaluations assess a child’s physical fitness and health status before participating in school sports or organized physical activities. These examinations ensure your child is physically fit for physical activities and sports. The doctor will evaluate their cardiovascular health, flexibility, strength, and any pre-existing conditions that may affect their participation. Sports physicals promote safety and offer valuable insights to tailor training programs to individual needs. With sports physicals, young athletes can take to the field, court, or track confidently, knowing that their health is in peak condition, allowing them to perform at their best and make the most of their athletic pursuits.

4. Eye and Dental Examinations

Good vision and oral health are vital for a child’s academic success and well-being. Schedule an eye examination with an optometrist to assess your child and detect potential issues early on. Similarly, a dental checkup will help identify cavities, gum problems, or dental concerns affecting their learning and daily activities.

5. Mental Health Support

Back-to-school can bring about emotional challenges for some children. Talk to your child about their feelings and emotions surrounding the new school year. If your child has experienced stress, anxiety, or other emotional difficulties, consider consulting a pediatric mental health professional to provide appropriate support and coping strategies.

 SuraMed is here for you and your back-to-school needs!

Ensuring your children are well-prepared for the upcoming school year is paramount. We can set the stage for a successful and fulfilling academic journey by staying proactive and addressing their health needs. Remember to schedule immunizations, health checkups, sports physicals, eye and dental examinations to equip your child with the best possible start to the school year. Additionally, remember to offer them emotional support and encouragement as they embrace new experiences and challenges in the classroom. We can help children thrive in the upcoming school year with proper care and attention. As partners in your child’s health and education, we wish them a year filled with knowledge, growth, and fantastic adventures. May they embrace every challenge, make lasting friendships, and reach for the stars in pursuit of their dreams.

Together, let’s make this school year the best one yet! Visit our website to contact your local clinic for an appointment. 
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