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Creating a Hurricane Safety Plan for Your Family

During the hurricane season, you need to talk with your kids and other family members about a plan for safety. Here are some tips on helping you protect your children even during a scary emergency, such as a tropical storm.

What to Include in Your Safety Plan

You must make a plan based on your risk factors, such as whether you live somewhere with frequent hurricanes. You might even have two plans: one for when you choose to evacuate and one for when you plan to ride out the storm. Your plan should include:

  • Contact information for close friends and family members
  • Emergency numbers, including your doctor’s information
  • Where to go in an evacuation, such as to a family or friend in another city or a local shelter
  • How to prepare your house, such as boarding up the windows
  • Emergency plans for schools, child care centers, work and other areas

Practice With Your Kids

It is not enough to just have a plan in mind for when you are under a hurricane watch or warning. You also want to ensure that you and your children know what to do. One way to do this is to practice your emergency drills for hurricanes, as well as fires and other potential disasters. This helps your children remember what to do when the worst happens.

During your next appointment with one of our doctors, discuss what more you need to do, especially if your child has a health condition requiring medication.

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