COVID-19 and the 2021 School Year
August 11, 2021
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Risks and Prevention
October 24, 2021
COVID-19 and the 2021 School Year
August 11, 2021
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Risks and Prevention
October 24, 2021
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10 Baby Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

It’s September, and that means it’s Baby Safety Month. Although children should be free and explore new things as they grow older, it is crucial to make sure that they stay safe while they do so. While protecting a child from ever being injured is unrealistic, there are a few things parents should consider when covering all measures to keep their children safe. With injuries being the leading cause of death for children four years old and younger, parents should consider these ten baby safety tips:


1. Baby Monitor’s and Cameras

Investing in a security system for your baby is a top’ baby safety tip’ that every parent should highly consider! Having the ability to glance over at your child on the camera or hear their cries through the monitor will give you as a parent some peace of mind that you can get things done while assuring your child is safe and sound. 

2. Be Mindful of Caregivers

While it is a positive thing to have access to help you with caring for your child, it is crucial to be mindful of your child’s caregivers. Even if it is close friends or family, be sure that you are always comfortable and trusting individuals caring for your child. As a parent, you must be confident that they are responsible and will follow all instructions you may have.

3. Double Check the Crib

The leading cause of death for babies between one month and one year of age is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Aside from placing your baby to sleep on their back, always double-check their crib for pillows, blankets, toys, etc. While you may not believe it can pose a risk, an infant can suffocate on anything left in their crib. 

4. Secure Heavy Furniture 

Heavy furniture can seriously or fatally harm any child, which is why things such as; Dressers, TVs, and mirrors, to name a few, should always be safely secured for the safety of your child. It is no secret that children can be curious and rambunctious, so you should ensure that your heavy furniture will be able to hold your child’s weight without tipping over. 

5. Properly Install Car Seat 

Car seats can make the difference between a life or death situation when your child is in your vehicle. New parents and even experienced parents should always carefully read the instructions of their child’s car seat before buckling them in! Having it inspected by an experienced parent or a professional is also never a bad idea. 

6. Cover Outlets

As we have already stated, children can be curious. Something about electrical outlets intrigues babies, making it almost irresistible for them to stick their fingers in! Be sure that all of the outlets in your home are covered to prevent any electrical shock injuries. 

7. Keep a Close Eye on Your Baby 

It may seem obvious but, never leave your baby unattended. Accidents tend to happen in seconds, and you want to be as close as possible if and when something goes wrong. 

8. Trust Your Gut!

Remember, ALWAYS trust your gut instincts! Parents have the unique ability to be able to know when something is wrong with their child. Trust what your parental instincts are telling you, and do what you need to do for your child, always. 

9. Age-Appropriate Toys

There is a reason why certain toys have specific ages listed on them. Assuring that your child is playing with toys that are appropriate for their age is crucial! For example, some toys may have small pieces that can be potential choking hazards for younger children.  

10. Find a Good Pediatrician 

Finding a pediatrician that you feel comfortable with and trust is significant. At the office of Dr. Alfonso J. Henriquez, all parents have the comfort of knowing that their children are wanted and safe! Our team works closely with parents to keep their children happy and healthy. 


We are happy to help! Call our office at 561-275-7100 or visit our website for more information.  

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